Ukraine took 60th position in the global annual Digital Country Index Ranking

Ukraine took 60th position in the Digital Country index ranking being placed between Croatia (59 position) and Romania (61 position). Thus, the country decreased by 9 positions compared to 2015. Among the European countries Ukraine is 24th.

Ukraine in Digital Country Index made by Bloom Consutling

In 2017 Bloom Consulting presented its second annual global ranking Digital Country Index based on the five major Dimensions or topics of interest that global citizens may search for in relation to any given Country using a proprietary software called Digital Demand.

Among the five major dimensions are investments (20%), exports (20%), tourism (20%), prominence (20%) and talent (20%). Each Dimension is comprised of 19 macro clusters of information called “Brandtag families”.

According to the ranking the largest amount of searches regarding Ukraine related to investments. Here, Ukraine too 43rd position in the world. 46% of global citizens were interested in socioeconomic factors of the country, 28% – in sectorial expertise and 26% – in business climate.

The least amount of searches accounts for tourism, where Ukraine took 93rd position.

Among the top 10 countries of the rating are USA, China, Japan, India, Germany, the Great Britain, Mexico, Italy, Canada and Spain, where China took the first position in terms of investment searches, India – the second, USA – the third.

Based on – Digital Country Index Results 


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