COVID-19 impact on the companies’ plans to acquire or sell assets and businesses – Avellum LF survey

In June 2020, Avellum LF surveyed COVID-19 impact on the companies’ plans to acquire or sell assets and businesses in Ukraine in the upcoming six-twelve months. The company interviewed owners and top managers of Ukrainian and international companies.

Source: www.avellum.com

According to the survey, 29% of the companies still intend to sell their business in the nearest 6-12 months. Though, only 1 out of 5 companies think of selling assets because of COVID-19-related reasons. 55% of surveyed companies will keep running their business in Ukraine. All these are good indications that entrepreneurs deal with impact successfully.

Source: www.avellum.com

Over half of the potential investors, the same as before COVID-19, still consider Ukraine a destination for business expansion. Many companies have an opportunistic approach to investments and believe in the fast recovery of Ukraine’s economy.

Source: www.avellum.com

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