Tips For Organizing A Successful Press Conference

Press release conferences enable PR experts together with company managers to get in touch with a larger number of journalists and mass media representatives at the same time. As compared to sending emails or doing individual interviews, press conferences are excellent time-savers. No matter if they are organized to introduce a new product or service to the public, cut a ribbon at an important event, shed some light over controversial matters or criticism or talk about groundbreaking scientific results, press conferences must comply with some rules in order to reach their goals.

Today we are going to reveal to you some of the most important tips on how to plan and organize an effective press conference, no matter what business you might be involved on.

Tip #1: Reach Out To All The Major News Sources

A press conference will be successful when it can reach as many major news sources as possible. No matter if you plan on organizing the conference in a big city like Kyiv or a more remote area or a smaller town in the country, you will first need to make sure that the topic of the conference is genuinely important. The reason why you have decided to have your press conference, to begin with, could be anything from the following list:

  • Critical company news on mergers
  • New shops opening
  • To clarify a company controversy
  • To make important upgrades known
  • To introduce the public to your new eco-friendly company policies
  • other essential updates

Conveying your message to all mass-media representatives simultaneously will not only save you precious time, energy and resources, but it should also help clarify the message you are trying to send and make sure there are no misunderstanding or no different versions of your message usually caused by individual meetings with journalists. For example, if your casino business is opening a new land venue or you plan on adding some extra features to your online casino, gather all the media representatives from all major televisions, radio stations and newspapers or gaming magazines under one roof and convey your message. Again, never plan a press conference unless you truly have something important to say, or else you will end up with a very limited number of attendees.

Tip #2: Use Tradeshows Or Other Public Eventspress conference

A press conference reaches its goals when dozens of press representatives are all gathered in the same location. A gaming tradeshow, for example, would be the ideal location for organizing a press conference that would let the press know about your plans of launching a new brick-and-mortar casino location across the city or country or the latest partnership or merger with a big name in the industry. Or maybe you would like to let people know who is the new ambassador of your brand. You could visit the website of a major Australian casino platform for more ideas. 

Either way, take advantage of a big event and get ready for some complex preparation stages and detailed planning. You will need to take care of all the logistics, coordinate all speakers and make sure all the other steps of the event are running smoothly, if you are one of the organizers.

Tip #3: Only Work With Reputable Spokespeople

You will always need to find the most reliable and credible spokespersons for the press conference. Make sure you hire at least a couple of people who can speak for up to 5 minutes each. Each of the speakers should convey a one-of-a-kind message so there is no unnecessary overlapping. Prepare a clear agenda for them and ensure they are all familiar with their exact requirements and tasks. Practice answering potential questions from the reporters, with special emphasis on tougher questions, so nothing will take them by surprise.

Tip #4: Plan Remote A/V Access To Reporters

Keep in mind not all mass-media representatives will be able to personally attend the press conference. You should be prepared to offer them top-quality audio and video feeds that will enable remote representatives to ask questions and get access to any printed flyers, booklets and other materials that will be handed out during the event. You could also consider organizing a fully digital press conference.

Tip #5: Choose Mid-Mornings For Your Press Conference Starting Time

This is the best time of the day for having a press conference, as most reporters will have no problem attending since their schedule will usually allow them to. Just make sure to choose a location that can be rapidly reached by all reporters.

Take care of all the technical details including setting up loud microphone volumes or coordinating the co-presenters and preparing them for seamless transitions, as these are also important tips to consider when organizing any press conference.




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