Doing Business – Ukraine climbs 5 levels

As it is presented in the annual Doing Business ranking by the World Bank, Ukraine has taken 71 position out of 190 countries.
Thus, Ukraine improved its position in 5 points among which are minority investors protection (from 81 in 2018 to 72 in 2019), cross-border trading, as well as enforcing contracts (from 64 to 63 position).


✔ Protecting minority investors – Ukraine strengthened minority investor protections by increasing the requirements for the disclosure in annual reports of related-party transactions.

✔ Trading across borders – Ukraine made trading across borders easier by eliminating the verification requirement on auto parts from the State Service of Export Control and allowing joint payment of the business license tax and value-added tax.

✔ Enforcing contracts – Ukraine made enforcing contracts easier by introducing a simplified procedure for small claims and pretrial conferences as part of the case management techniques used in all commercial courts

To be improved

✘ Dealing with construction permits Ukraine made construction permitting more costly by increasing the contribution fee to the city social and engineering-transport infrastructure. On the other hand, Ukraine made dealing with construction permits easier by eliminating a requirement that investors obtain clearance from the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations.




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