Launch of new brand in agricultural market of Georgia

Context and task

Invest in Projects in partnership with consulting company Soursacube worked on the launch of a new brand on Georgia’s agricultural market.
The components of the work included naming, logo, identity, and positioning of newborn Georgian Grain Holding. Among the key taskы for the agency were to create the company’s identity for the start of communication with the partners, increase brand awareness about the company; explain the important role of the company for Georgian farming, and promote its reliability. 


The name GG Holding stands for Georgian Grain Holding. 

The simple and clear name of the company makes it easy to understand the company’s area of expertise. As addiction to the naming, we offered the company to explain its mission which stands for its values and long-term strategy beyond just business interests.

“Unlocking the agricultural potential of Georgia”


The company’s identity is important for the first impression during communication with partners.

Logo-book includes

  • Creation of the logo in various formats for various contexts


  • Corporate fonts

  • Corporate colors

  • Letterhead, and business cards

Content and storytelling 

While putting the company’s story on the paper, Invest in Projects had several tasks and challenges alongside. First of all, the company had no background or roots in the field. The owner of the company who is important for B2B communications and might serve as a reputation backer and protector decided to stay behind the scenes. 

Thus, our key focuses were

  • to explain the agricultural potential of Georgia and why the company’s launch is well-timed for the industry:

What does the typical food basket of Georgian citizens contain? According to economists, 75% of it consists of imported groceries. Over 90% of grain is imported to the country on an annual basis.  In 2020 when COVID-19 broke food supply chains in the world, the dependence on imports aggravated the status quo even more.
Georgia has an opportunity to provide high-quality agri-food products to meet domestic needs. National food security is the part and parcel of the country’s sovereignty. Holding will produce outputs of high demand, which is imported into the country by necessity. GG Holding will become a driver for the country’s further economic independence. 

  • to tell about the industry and its innovative approaches which are fundamental for the company’s business success. Dive deeper into recourses the company rely on (human resources, land resources, technological resources)
  • to tell in detail about the experts and management creating their profiles

Georgian Grain Holding was founded in Tbilisi in 2020. The company’s first stage in agriculture is the planting of annual crops (wheat, corn, potato) and perennial crops (blueberry).
To succeed in this, GG Holding accumulated high-quality farming land and assembles a team of highly professional agricultural specialists. Together with infrastructure capacity and mechanization, these resources are the basis for the company’s sustainable development and growth.
The second stage of GG Holding is the design of the feed-milling plant, which is going to be delivered in 2022. After this, the company will proceed with turkey farming and the further scaling of its farm business. 

Social Media vs Web page

Of course, still, the corporate web page is the first in the list of digital tools.

Though, to save time and energy we decided to start with social media as a fast solution. Moreover, it allows managers to use social media such as LinkedIn for communication.  Also, it helped us to increase brand awareness about the company fast and effectively sharing the company’s story and expertise among peers and potential business partners. 

Next steps

Among the further steps recommended for the company to be visible on the market is

  • to promote its management, strategy, and first successes via all media channels including owned media earned media and paid media;
  • to start direct communication with strategic partners providing regular brief reports, industry/company’s news;
  • to start personal communication with peers from the agricultural industry and from related industries. Thus it is time to be a member of leading business associations, communities, and clubs.

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