Launch of a new brand in the field of property investments

Case of STRIX.Property Investment Boutique




The company’s founder brought eighteen years of professional experience and a strong reputation to her own business that specializes in commercial property investments and asset management.

What was the task?

​Our task was to help ​the newly founded organization ​to begin its public activity as a reliable partner for local and international landlords and investors​. It was essential to create a perception of a reputable company by telling about its principles and values​. Moreover, the positioning of the company should be precise both for local and foreign markets as its ambition is to work with global players.
As a result,​ Invest in Projects offered and realized a detailed plan of marketing activities for its start. We worked on naming, logo, identity, branding, positioning, launched the web page.

What have we done step by step? 

#1 Naming

The primary name of the organization is STRIX. The founder has created it at the beginning of her entrepreneurial path. Given that this name does not provide any information about the company, we have offered to add a sort of explanation – Property Investment Boutique. As a result, the name of the organization is clear and specific for the industry within which it operates. 

The word boutique here stands for the niche product, underlines its status and status of its clients. 85% of the projects​,​ ​where STRIX.Property Investment Boutique acts as an investment counsel​,​ is ​non-public. Moreover, the organization specializes exclusively in commercial projects ​of $10 million and more. 

#2 Logo 

We offered a dynamic logo with several elements. Its dynamic nature allowed ​us​ to transform it, depending on the situation. At the same time, its design is simple and light.

Elements of the logo:

  • The primary name of the organization is STRIX. (at the top)
  • Brief explanatory adding – Property Investment Boutique. (bottom, left)
  • Signature of the owner – Iryna Skorokhodova. The function of the signature is to emphasize the responsibility undertaken personally by the owner. This element can be used situationally. (bottom, right)

#3 Web page

The web page is the company’s first presentation, its online office with a key aim to introduce the company, how it can help its clients, and to motivate​ potential clients and business partners​ to contact its team directly to discuss cooperation.  

Simple and clear structure and design help to form a positive impression at the very beginning of the encounter with the organization. 

#4 Presentations and promo materials

Another stage of preparing the company for its public activity was the design and creation of the presentations and promo materials for face-to-face business meetings and various events.

Printed promo materials by itself are not vital for brand promotion today. Though, ​they are essential ​in​ strengthening​ the impression and in ​creating the right image for the company during events or personal meetings. They influence the clients’ emotions and reactions through ​their ​senses of touch and vision.

We elaborated on ​several types of ​materials, depending on the situation. 

  • Presentations with broad information about the company, and country including up-to-date analytics for international exhibitions. 
  • Presentations of investment projects for local/international face-to-face meetings. 

A deep understanding of the context and experience in real estate helped us to create the concept, content, and design of the presentations fast with the minimum​ number of ​ corrections by the client. 

#5 Marketing activities for the start

As soon as the company found its “face” (Identity), we ​realized a set of marketing activities for a start. 

The company’s going into public began at a significant international investment event. There STRIX.Property Investment Boutique was introduced as an official partner. The logo of the company was placed on banners. Guests of the event received ​its ​promo materials. The founder was a speaker of the expert discussion panels. Moreover, we prepared an introduction interview for the ​business magazine that was distributed at the event. As an addition, we created an advert in this magazine with brief information about the company to improve the impact of the company’s exposure in media and generate more leads. (Above)

Success was not long in coming. The first event generated about ten meetings with targeted international players. It is worth mentioning that the counterparty initiated half of them. 

Conclusions and results

Within the case, we explored and analyzed the company’s background, its values, and principles and offered ​the client ​a detailed plan of the brand launch including the further marketing strategy.

Since 2018, STRIX.Property Investment Boutique has participated in professional local and international events. During the last two years, the company supported the Ukrainian delegation at MIPIM. In 2019 it was one of a few Ukrainian companies represented at EXPO Real in Munich. 

Today STRIX.Property Investment Boutique remains an active niche player on the market.


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Anna Nestulia


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